Electric Bath Lifts

For people with limited mobility, bathrooms can be a challenge due to the slippery surfaces and higher thresholds. It can be difficult to balance and the additional need for strength could mean you require assistance, resulting in you losing your privacy and independence. But there are mobility aids that can help you and one of the most popular is the bath lift. 

Bath lifts are designed to help people who find getting in and out of the bathtub difficult, allowing them to continue the relaxing benefits of a bath without the challenge of getting in and out. What’s more, there’s no need for costly or time-consuming installations – bath lifts are simply a removable seat that is fitted with a water-safe motor to lower and raise you in and out of the water. Bath lifts are often preferable to using a shower and a shower seat, as they offer more muscle relaxing benefits than a shower can. Similarly, they are preferable to a bath hoist as there’s no need to get in when the bath is empty or wait for it to drain before you can get out – you can simply place the bath lift in your bathtub when you need to use it. 

There are numerous styles to pick from, including lifts with reclining seats and head support, depending on what you need from your bath lift. For example, some are designed to lower you almost to the bottom of the bathtub so you can be fully immersed without needing to completely fill the tub, while others have an inflatable design that can be stored away easily and work well for shared households where other people need to use the bathtub. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll be able to use your bathroom independently without the worry of needing assistance in your own home. The easy to use controls and simple designs mean you can get in and out of the bath with ease, just at the touch of a button, for less reliance on others. We offer a range of bath lifts and accessories to make your bathing experience as comfortable and safe as possible.