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Bath cushions

Inflatable bath cushions are a great addition to your bathroom if you have difficulty getting in and out of the bath. They can be used by elderly people who struggle with mobility as well as those healing from an injury.

Just like the a pillow you would use in bed, a bath cushion provide neck and head support and they come in larger styles to support your back too, depending on your needs.


Options to suit every budget

Lightweight and portable, there are optional luxury bath cushions which lower you into the bath and raise you back up when you need, all at the touch of a button, as well as more basic cushions to provide comfort and a safer bathing experience . Whatever price you’re looking for, we have bath cushions to suit your budget, from inexpensive budget-friendly cushions to larger investments for everyday use that provide extra assistance.

Bath cushions, sometimes referred to as bath pillows, are easy to clean and fully waterproof for peace of mind. They can be installed and removed with ease, which makes them ideal for shared bathrooms.

An inflatable bath pillow typically has several suction cups fixed to the back of the cushion so you can secure them to the back of the bathtub for extra safety without worrying that you’ll slip in the water. This keeps the bath pillow firmly in place while you’re in the bath.


Extra support and comfort

These essential bathing aids are soft, padded and fit snugly behind your neck so you can lay back in the water and enjoy a more relaxing, luxurious bathing experience. A bath pillow can be made from foam or soft PVC to provide cushioning for people who may have sensitive skin or struggle with painful joints. These bathing aids come in a range of styles and sizes so you can find the option that best suits your needs.

You may prefer a longer bath pillow that extends the full length of your back, which can be great if you find laying back in the tub uncomfortable, or you may just want a cushion for your neck for added support while you relax.

There are inflatable pillows as well as cushions which are more akin to bath lifts, depending on how much assistance you required when getting in and out of the bath. A bath pillow can significantly change your bathing experience, leaving you wondering how you ever bathed without one.


Great for travel

Bath pillows are perfect if you’re someone who travels a lot, as they can be deflated and packed away for easy transportation to your next location, then installed with ease. A bath cushion adds a touch of luxury during your bath while you relax, while also keeping you safe thanks to the suction cups and neck support.

You can add an inflatable bath cushion to any style of bath for temporary support and comfort, which can be removed again if others need to use the bath without the pillow. When you’re ready to pack up your things, simply deflate the cushion in next to no time for later use.


Find out more

If you’re looking for bathing aids for your home, why not get in touch with Keep Moving Care? We offer a wide variety of mobility products to help you retain your independence in everyday life, including a range of aids such as bath pillows, non slip shower steps and bath boards for added comfort and safety.

Contact Keep Moving Care today to learn more or shop our products online to find the right product and price for your needs.