Bath seats

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Bath seats

Bath seats can be the perfect option for helping you to bathe and shower comfortably and safely. If you struggle to lower yourself in and out of the bathtub, a bath seat can help by reducing the distance between the edge of the bath and the bottom of the tub.

There are specially designed bath seats that sit suspended over the bath or those which fit within the tub itself, depending on the style of bath you have and your preference. For elderly people and disabled people, as well as those recovering from an injury or surgery, a bath seat makes the process of bathing much more convenient.

What is a bath seat?

A bath seat is a durable plastic chair or stool which fits on or in your bathtub to provide you with something stable to sit on when you’re in the shower. Some elderly people with limited mobility have difficulty standing for long periods, especially if they are unstable on their legs. A bath chair makes the process of showering easier by enabling the user to sit down so they can stay safe in the shower while also remaining comfortable.

Slatted bath seats have draining holes or slats to let the water wash through when you’re showering, and can be made from moulded plastic to fit the shape of the body for added comfort. Often made of plastic bath seats are lightweight and easy to clean to maintain hygienic standards.

Styles of bath seats and chairs

Bath seats come in all shapes and sizes, from stool-style benches to chairs. Corner bath seats are available for more unique-shaped baths. There are also swiveling bath seats that fit easily over the bath, enabling the user to transfer in and out of the bath more easily. This style of the seat can be rotated 360 degrees and have a locking lever to allow it to be locked into four different positions, improving both usability and safety. Swiveling bath seats come with handrails for added support and safety when you are showering.

There are several categories of adjustable bath seats too, from height adjustable seats for those with deeper bathtubs to adjustable width options for wider or narrower-sized tubs. A shower seat with legs needs to be kept stable in the bath, where water and soap can make it a slippery environment, which is where suction cups come in handy. They create a more secure seat that you can feel confident sitting on safely.

Benefits of a bath seat

A bath chair is easy to move for temporary use, which is ideal if you share a bathroom with other members of the household who don’t need to use the chair. You can simply move the seat when you don’t need to use it and put it back when it’s time to shower. They are lightweight and made of plastic, making them easy to keep clean, and they’re adjustable to provide ample support that suits the needs of the user.

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