Bath transfer benches

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Bath transfer benches

For people who struggle to stand for long periods of time or have mobility issues that make showering difficult, a bath transfer bench is a perfect solution. Bath benches come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs to make bathing and showering a more relaxing and comfortable experience by providing stability.

Whether you’re struggling with joint issues, have limited mobility because of a disability or you’re buying a bath seat for someone you care about who is having difficulties, a transfer bench is a great product that can help. There are seats to suit different bath styles, user weight requirements, and height or seat depth needs, so you can find the ideal model for you.

What is a bath transfer bench?

A bath bench is a seat that sits across the threshold of your bath and is designed to take the weight of the user so they can shower while sitting for greater comfort and safety. These mobility aids are designed to help people with mobility issues maintain their independence when showering, keeping them safe and stable by enabling them to sit when using the shower.

They are curved in shape for extra comfort and lightweight, making them easy to maneuver. A bath bench can either come with legs for height adjustability or as seats which span the width of the bathtub, depending on your preference, to help you transfer in and out of the shower easily and comfortably.

Safer bath benches

Bath benches come in a range of styles, from different width options and depths to added features such as backrests and handrails for added support. They typically have suction cups fixed to the ferrules of the seat to make them slip-resistant in the bath, as well as moveable which is ideal if you share a bathroom with other people who don’t need to use the bench. There are seats to suit people of all different weights, with a durable frame designed to be supportive to all users when they sit.

A bath transfer bench provides support and security – the hardwearing plastic is easy to clean and there are usually drainage holes to prevent the build-up of soap and water on the seat. Lightweight yet durable, bath seats are an affordable and adjustable option for people who need stability when they’re in the shower.

Styles of shower aids

Depending on the style you choose, your shower chair will often have an adjustable backrest so it can be made to fit both right and left-handed users. This makes the seat reversible for different users. These seats are also height adjustable to suit the user and their bathroom set-up, with arm-rests for added comfort and support when you’re showering.

Whatever your needs, you can find a bath transfer bench at the right price for your budget and requirements, from a specific seat width or seat height, or added features.

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