Cast protectors

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Cast protectors

Cast protectors provide a comfortable waterproof covering for when you’re washing, allowing for greater hygiene over your cast or wound. A cast protector is easy to use and enables you to wash without as much of a risk that water will enter the cast or wound.

Waterproof protectors are suitable for use in any situation where your cast is at risk of getting wet, such as the shower, bath or swimming pool, where it’s important to keep your cast or dressing dry to avoid infection.

A range of sizes

Waterproof cast protectors come in a range of sizes to suit different individuals, which simply slip on and off for added protection and convenience. Protectors are available for the full leg, arm or foot, and can be used by people of any age, from adults through to children. They enable you to live you life and carry out your usual daily routine without any inconvenience.

How does a waterproof cast protector work?

A cast protector is a sealed reusable cover that stops water from getting onto or into your cast or dressing, so you can shower or bathe more easily. They are designed to be used by people with injuries such as a broken limb or a surgical wound, providing a watertight covering that is comfortable to wear and highly effective.

Cast protectors are subtle and discreet, with flexible seals that protect against water while keeping it in place when you’re showering or bathing. Protectors are not only effective for people with casts but also those with wounds or healing from surgery, where the cover of the dressings need to remain dry to allow the wound to heal fully without the risk of infection.

Whether it’s your arm, your leg or your foot that you need to protect, our range of waterproof protectors are the perfect solution for keeping your injury or wound clean and dry when you’re in the bath, shower or swimming pool.

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