£81 for 1 Year’s Insurance. 

If you want to protect yourself and your new mobility scooter from damage or accidents, insurance is key. Our 1-year insurance policy provides you with nationwide cover for loss or damage, personal legal liability insurance, and much more. This ensures you have peace of mind when you’re travelling on your mobility scooter. 

What is Included in the 1 Year Insurance? 

  • Personal legal liability insurance up to £2 million, should you cause an accident while using your mobility scooter
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Fire damage cover
  • Flood damage cover
  • Loss or damaged caused by theft or attempted theft
  • Temporary cover of loan equipment of similar value while your mobility scooter is being repaired
  • Temporary hire costs cover
  • Expenses covered to get you home after an accident
  • New for old replacement, if the damage of your scooter exceeds 60% of the replacement value within the first three years (assuming the product is new)
  • Personal injury benefits up to the value of £2000
  • Personal effects covered up to the value of £250
  • Lost key cover up to the value of £50
  • Career contingent liability
  • Any driver
  • Products with a retail value of £6000 or less


What is Not Covered?

  • Anyone who has used the mobility equipment without the owner’s permission
  • Theft of the scooter if it has been left unattended and unsecured
  • New for old replacement if the equipment is over 36 months old
  • Electrical or mechanical breakdown of the mobility equipment
  • Tyre damage caused by the application of brakes or by road punctures, cuts or bursts
  • Any loss, damage or breakdown caused by corrosion or rain damage
  • Routine servicing costs


Where is the Insurance Valid?

Your insurance cover is provided within the UK and outside of the UK for up to 45 days during the period of insurance, excluding the United States of America, Canada or any territory within their jurisdiction.

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