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Rollators – 4 Wheel Walkers

Rollators (4 wheel walkers) are a great mobility aid to have close by if you’re finding a lack of balance is impacting your confidence and your ability to carry out tasks on your own. Rollators are one of the most sturdy and reliable of all mobility aids and they are an affordable way of maintaining your independence. Compared to tri-walkers which have just three points of contact with the ground, rollators have four wheels which provide additional support. Rollators are ideal for use both indoors and outdoors, so they’re adaptable to different surfaces.  

Having four wheels makes it easier for people who struggle with stability to turn corners and navigate, particularly in busier areas such as supermarkets where space can be at a premium. Many models of rollator are also fitted with brakes and ergonomic handles which are designed to make them easier to hold for people who have arthritis or limited strength, so you can come to a safe halt without it hurting your joints. They have soft, easy to use braking systems which are effective with minimal strength. Some rollators are also designed to include pouches or baskets to store your bag or shopping, providing a dual function for greater convenience.  

Rollators are easy to transport, and they typically have folding frames, so you can store them away when you’re not using them or put them in a car boot to take with you for longer trips. There are also many models of rollators which have seats and backrests, which make them useful for people who need to rest often when walking. Rollators are a great way of maintaining your independence and enabling you to carry out tasks or run errands without the risk of losing your stability. We offer a variety of rollators to choose from that are easy to use and quick to introduce into your daily routine.