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8mph road mobility scooters, also known as Class 3 scooters, deliver impressive distances and plenty of power. Compared to 4mph scooters, which are typically lighter and offer shorter distances on a single charge, some Class 3 scooters can deliver as much as 30 miles. Whatever your individual requirements are when looking for a new mobility scooter, there are many benefits to choosing an 8mph road-legal mobility scooter for your mode of transport. 

The main difference between a Class 3 and a Class 2 4mph scooter is that you can drive a Class 3 scooter on the road. But 8mph mobility scooters also offer the flexibility of driving at a lower speed when being used on the pavement as well as a higher speed on the road, so they’re a great option if you want that level of adaptability and the choice between the two. An 8mph scooter offers hours of driving time on a single charge so they’re great for longer journeys. Because you’re likely to carry out longer journeys on an 8mph scooter, comfort is key.  

Our range of new and used 8mph mobility scooters are designed to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible, from adjustable seating to all-round suspension and innovative user-friendly controls. While you don’t need a license to drive a mobility scooter on the road or pay vehicle tax, you do need to register your ownership of a road-legal scooter with the DVLA. We offer 8mph road mobility scooters from a variety of popular, reliable brands to make the process of choosing a high-quality scooter easier than ever. 


Why our 8mph Mobility Scooters?

Whether you opt for an 8mph used mobility scooter or a new one you can be assured its in perfect working order.  We stock a range of brands including TGA, Kymco, Drive, Green Power and many more. Our range of Class 3 8mph road scooters are much larger and more spacious than Class 2 scooters, so they’re great for providing plenty of room and comfort when you’re travelling. Your scooter will come with a user manual to make it easy to understand how to use your new vehicle, as well as a 14-day money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your product when it arrives. We offer free breakdown cover in the West Sussex area, as well as a battery charger and free carry case with each product. 



A new mobility scooter is an investment so it’s important to protect your vehicle from loss or damage. Keep Moving Care offers a one-year insurance policy to protect your mobility scooter against a range of issues that may occur, including accidental loss from theft or damage from attempted theft, flood or fire cover, personal legal liability and much more. Our insurance policy covers products up to the value of £6,000 and costs just £81 for the year – a great option for peace of mind that you’ll be protected against any accidents in the future. 

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