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Our products are essential to supporting the disabled, elderly and sick. All our staff follow the latest W.H.O guidelines on hygiene with free delivery running as normal.

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Who are Drive?

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare was formed in 2000, providing state of the art mobility aids and durable products to help people with mobility issues maintain their independence for as long as possible. As a global organisation, they’ve built up a loyal following of customers who depend on their products day to day. The company is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that focus on functionality and durability above all else, while also providing innovation at a competitive price.


Drive Scooters from Keep Moving Care

Keep Moving Care takes pride in providing a wide range of mobility scooters, both new and used, to suit different needs. We offer a variety of scooters within the Drive range that are stylish, contemporary and affordable. While new scooters are a great option, if you’re looking for a budget-friendlier option that still delivers the same great features as a new scooter but at a cost-effective price. All of our scooters are thoroughly checked and serviced before being sent out, so you can rest assured that you will be purchasing a high-quality mobility scooter whether you choose a new or used model. And with warranty included, you’ll have protection if there are any faults with your scooter. 

Drive have a great selection of mobility scooters to choose from, from the Drive 3-wheel foldable scooter which is compact and easy to transport for those who enjoy travelling, to the Drive Cobra which is a powerful scooter offering a great range of up to 30 miles on a single charge. For those looking for a stylish and attention-grabbing scooter, the Drive Easy Rider boasts an eye-catching design that’s inspired by motorcycles and is sure to make a statement. All of the scooters in the Drive range boast incredible performance and durability, ensuring that they will stand the test of time even with consistent use.


Insurance on Your Drive Scooter 

Your Drive scooter is an investment that can cost you a considerable amount if you are involved in an accident or your scooter is stolen, requiring you to replace it. With Keep Moving Care’s one-year insurance policy, you can protect your scooter for just £81 a year. The insurance policy will provide peace of mind against damage, theft or attempted theft, personal legal liability and much more, so you can enjoy your new scooter without any stress or worry that you’ll have to find additional funds to replace or repair it if the worst should happen.