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Our products are essential to supporting the disabled, elderly and sick. All our staff follow the latest W.H.O guidelines on hygiene with free delivery running as normal.

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Who are Invacare?

Invacare are a leading manufacturer within the healthcare field, helping people with reduced function and mobility since 1885. Their current range of mobility products ranges from scooters and home-care to acute equipment and help millions of people navigate a more independent life. Invacare has developed an extensive portfolio of products over the years, and their tagline of ‘Yes, you can’ shows just how dedicated they are to supporting their customers and delivering a high-performance vehicle. 


Invacare Scooters from Keep Moving Care

We offer a variety of models within the Invacare range at Keep Moving Care, with both new and used scooters to choose from. All of our new scooters come with a full 12-month warranty that protects you against any faults that might occur. The Invacare Leo is one such example of our new Invacare products, offering an impressive range for a class 2 scooter and a stylish design. The pneumatic tyres on this particular model deliver a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Used scooters are a brilliant alternative to the often pricier new models, providing great quality at a more affordable price point. All of our used scooters are refurbished to a high standard and come with a six-month warranty. We also offer a crutch bag and battery free of charge, as well as a user manual so you can use your scooter with ease as soon as possible. Some of the most popular scooters in the Invacare range include the robust Comet Pro which provides a brilliant range of 34 miles on a single charge and adjustable suspension. Invacare’s Orion Metro 4 is also a great pick that’s both reliable and ergonomically designed for a 8mph scooter


Insurance on Your Invacare Scooter 

Keep Moving Care is dedicated to delivering the very best products, brands and service to our customers. As part of this service, we provide a one-year insurance policy for just £81 for the year that covers your scooter against personal legal liability, damage, loss and a host of other accidents that may occur. Buying a mobility scooter is an investment and if you’re the victim of circumstances out of your control that leave your vehicle damaged or lost, it can be costly to repair or replace it. Our policy is designed to give you peace of mind so you can rest assured that your scooter will be protected, whatever the future holds.