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Our products are essential to supporting the disabled, elderly and sick. All our staff follow the latest W.H.O guidelines on hygiene with free delivery running as normal.

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Who are Quingo?

Safe and reliable, Quingo is an established brand that focuses on providing comfortable and easy-to-operate mobility products. They’ve won several awards, including feefo’s Gold Trusted Merchant on several occasions, and has become a dependable brand that customers love. One of the great features of Quingo’s scooter range is the introduction of their five-wheel scooters that use Quintell technology for a mobility scooter that is not only safe and stable but also high-performance. Their higher-stability, innovative scooters are unique on the market and great for people who want extra safety and comfort from their vehicle.


Quingo Scooters from Keep Moving Care 

Keep Moving Care offers a great selection of scooters, including several models from the Quingo range. We offer both new and used scooters, depending on your needs. The benefit of purchasing a new scooter is that you are the only person to have ever used that particular vehicle and you’ll benefit from a 12-month warranty to protect you against any potential faults the scooter may have. Our used scooters are completely refurbished to a high standard and come with a six-month warranty, which can be extended. Used scooters are still great quality but offer a more affordable solution to your scooter needs, often being considerably cheaper than a new model.

In our product range, we offer several Quingo models including several versions of the popular Quingo Plus. This range includes the Quingo Vitess 2, Quingo Toura 2 and the Quingo Air 2. The Quingo Plus scooter has great power and offers up to 30 miles on a single charge, so it’s great for people who travel on longer journeys. This scooter offers brilliant stability thanks to its four-wheel design and has an 80% larger foot area to plenty of space.


Insurance on Your Quingo Scooter

We understand that you’re investing a large amount of money into purchasing a mobility scooter and that investment needs to be protected. Whether it’s damage through circumstances that are out of your control, such as a flood or fire, or loss through theft or attempted theft, you need peace of mind that no matter what happens, your scooter is protected. Our one-year insurance policy does just that – for £81 for the year, you’ll have cover that protects your Quingo scooter against a host of incidents, providing personal legal liability, accidental damage and much more.