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Our products are essential to supporting the disabled, elderly and sick. All our staff follow the latest W.H.O guidelines on hygiene with free delivery running as normal.

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Who are TGA? 

TGA is an established brand that has been providing high-quality mobility products for over 30 years. Their range provides a host of different scooter options to suit every need and budget, with a focus on innovative engineering and great design. With both boot scooters and higher-powered road scooters available within their range, TGA is a dependable brand that supplies stylish scooters to suit a wide variety of needs.  TGA have one of the most comprehensive ranges of scooters in the UK and their quality and reputation is second to none. 


TGA Scooters from Keep Moving Care

TGA offers both new and used scooters, with class 2 and class 3 scooters to choose from. From basic scooters that are ideal if you just need something for carrying out errands to those better-suited to longer journeys, they offer scooters to suit a host of different needs. If you’d prefer to purchase a new scooter, each of TGA’s new models comes with 12 months warranty to protect the vehicle. Opting for a used model, however, provides you with a scooter which is fully refurbished and offers a cheaper alternative to a new model. You’ll still benefit from a six-month warranty, which you can extend if need be for added peace of mind. 

There are various models to choose from within the TGA range, with unique features and styles to suit a range of tastes. One of the most popular models in the range is the TGA Breeze, which comes in several iterations such as the Breeze S3 and the Breeze S4. The TGA Vita X is a great option for those seeking a feature-rich model with a sporty style and powerful controls, while the TGA Supersport has a distinctive style and delivers a smooth, comfortable ride. 


Insurance on Your TGA Scooter 

Buying a mobility scooter is a big purchase and one that can be a big investment for many people. So we understand that you want peace of mind and security to protect yourself from damage or unforeseen accidents. We offer a one-year insurance policy to protect your TGA scooter that covers you against personal legal liability, damage or loss, and much more for just £81 for the whole year. It’s an effective and simple way of ensuring that your mobility scooter is covered, should the worse happen, so you can travel stress-free with complete peace of mind.