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Often referred to as Class 3 scooters, 8mph road mobility scooters are great for longer distances as they offer a longer range, more power and more space. Our range of used 8mph mobility scooters cater to a host of budgets and requirements, whether you want the flexibility of being able to use your scooter on both the road and the pavement, or you need a scooter that can cope with longer journeys.  

8mph mobility scooters can be used on the road and offer hours of driving time on a single charge, so they’re great if you often travel further afield. Class 3 scooters are typically heavier than Class 2 4mph scooters and boot scooters as they have larger motors and batteries in order to provide the higher distances, but they are also more comfortable in many cases as they deliver more foot room and larger seats. From all-round suspension to easy-to-use controls and adjustable seating, there are many great features to 8mph scooters that make them a joy to use and as comfortable as possible. Class 3 scooters don’t require a license and you don’t need to pay vehicle tax, but you do need to register your ownership of a road-legal scooter with the DVLA. 


Used 8mph Scooters vs New

Used mobility scooters offer a great alternative to buying new scooters, as you get all the benefits of a high-quality Class 3 scooter from popular brands but at a lower price. All of our used scooters are checked carefully and refurbished to a high standard, as well as being fitted with a new battery, so the product you receive is reliable and ready to use straight away. Each scooter also comes with a user manual, battery charger and a free carry case. We offer a variety of brands including Pride, Sterling, Rascal and more. We offer a 14-day money-back guarantee with our used scooters, should you decide that your scooter isn’t right for you – we’ll come and collect it from you, free of charge, and provide you with a full refund. Each of our used scooters come fully tested and serviced, as well as benefitting from free breakdown cover in the West Sussex area. 


Insurance on your Used Class 3 Mobility Scooter 

We understand that buying a scooter is a big investment so repairing or replacing it can be costly. Keep Moving Care offers a one-year insurance policy for peace of mind that protects you and your scooter against a host of different issues that might arise. The policy covers you against personal legal liability, attempted theft or theft, flood and fire cover, as well as many other problems you might face in the future. The policy covers scooters up to a value of £6,000 and costs just £81 for the year. It’s a great investment to protect you and your scooter against loss or damage and will ensure that you can travel securely, knowing you’re covered against any eventuality.