Over Chair Tables

Over chair & bedtables are a great item to have on hand, providing a stable table which you can manoeuvre easily whenever you need to. These tables offer a supportive surface for you to eat, drink or work from, all from the comfort of your seat or bed, without the need to keep getting up and moving around. For people with limited mobility or those recovering from an injury, an over chair table is a great way of ensuring you can minimise the need to put additional stress and strain on your body. 

There are many over chair tables on the market, with various designs to cater to different seating arrangements, from riser recliners to standard chairs or armchairs. Many lap tables are height-adjustable to help you find a comfortable position to eat or work from and are adaptable to most types of chairs for added convenience. 

From plastic tables which are easy to clean and maintain to wooden tables that are refined and sophisticated, there are many styles of over chair tables to cater to your personal preference and style. In addition to different materials, there are also lipped tables which prevent spillages, tilting top tables which have swivel features for easy moving and even those with durable handles that can help you stand up when you need to.  

Whether you’re eating your meals, drinking or just reading or finishing a puzzle, an over chair table makes it easy and more comfortable to carry out your day to day tasks without the struggle of needing to get up and down regularly. Our products are reliable and well-designed, so you can be sure that your table will last many years of regular use. Each of the over chair tables we offer are user-friendly and sturdy, adding a premium feel and added functionality to your seating.