Riser Recliners Armchairs – Electric Lift Chairs

As we age, it can become increasingly difficult to get in and out of chairs, particularly for those struggling with mobility issues. Riser recliners could be a beneficial addition to your home if this is the case for you. Riser recliners look like luxury items of furniture, but they have the added benefit of ensuring you’re comfortable and can maintain your independence when you’re at home. They’re a functional and practical item that offers additional support for people who suffer with limited mobility.

There are several types of riser recliners to choose from, from single motor and dual motors to four-motor recliners, depending on how much you want or need to adjust the footrest and backrest of your chair. Single-action recliners allow you to lower the backrest and raise the footrest at the same time, while a dual-motor recliner provides extra control so you can angle the chair to your specific needs. Whichever you choose, you can enjoy greater comfort while you’re relaxing and more opportunities to find a position that suits you to reduce the strain on your back and joints.

Riser recliners are available in a host of styles, designs and colours to suit your décor and personal tastes. There are also features you can tailor to your preferences, such as choosing a pillowback recliner or a waterfall backrest that delivers additional pressure relief for your back. You don’t have to compromise style for quality and convenience – our riser recliner chairs are both stylish and luxurious, while also providing you with the features you need for assistance.

Riser recliner chairs aid recovery, enhance your posture and enable you to rest your muscles fully, all while ensuring you have a comfortable seat to relax in each day. There are chairs to suit the whole budget spectrum, depending on how much you want to invest, so you’re sure to find something to suit your needs.