Drive Royale 3

£3,450.00 no VAT
  • Class 3 with a maximum speed of 8mph and a range of 32 miles
  • 15cm ground clearance; pneumatic tires
  • Weighs 110kg with a maximum occupant weight of 185kg
  • Adjustable seat and tiller; all-round suspension
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Innovative and stylish, the Drive Royale 3 offers a modern spin on the traditional mobility scooter design. With larger 16” wheels and a top speed of 8mph, it’s a powerful scooter that won’t disappoint. The Royale 3 is comfortable to use, with a sliding and rotating seat that you can adjust for the perfect driving experience, as well as all-round suspension for a smoother ride, whatever terrain you’re driving over. It also has a maximum gradient of 10 degrees for traversing curbs and slopes with ease. 

The Royale 3 has an automatic braking system to keep you safe, as well as an automatic speed reduction system that will ensure you don’t need to worry about taking corners or tight spaces too quickly. This scooter is powered by two powerful 70ah batteries, which deliver an impressive range of up to 32 miles on a single charge, so you have plenty of flexibility in terms of where you can travel to. 

Users of the Royale 3 will love the level of comfort, power and style it delivers, with a sleek modern design and impressive performance. With this scooter, you can take longer trips as well as short errands with ease, providing plenty of flexibility and assurance that you’ll be able to maintain your independence without any stress. It boasts user-friendly controls and an easy to read digital dashboard that ensure you’ll be on the road in next to no time with the Drive Royale 3.

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All Features 

  • Automatic speed reduction for safety
  • Digital dashboard display
  • T-bar style handlebars
  • Maximum weight – 185kg/29st
  • Maximum speed – 12kmh/8mph
  • 32-mile range with a standard battery
  • Length – 158cm
  • Width – 73cm
  • Height – 135 cm
  • Turning radius – 126cm
  • Maximum gradient – 10 degrees
  • Standard battery – 2x 12v 70ah
  • Vehicle class 3
  • Total weight – 110kg/243lbs

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