Motion Healthcare Alumina

£1,920.00 no VAT
  • Class 2; maximum speed 4mph; range of 15 miles
  • 5cm ground clearance; solid tyres
  • Weighs 33kg; maximum occupant weight of 115kg
  • Adjustable seat and tiller; all-round suspension 
  • Front storage basket
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The Motion Healthcare Alumina is a contemporary boot scooter with a lightweight aluminum frame and a large lithium battery that means you don’t need to compromise when it comes to flexibility and power. If you’re in need of a scooter that you can take with you on longer trips, the Alumina is the ideal choice, and it couldn’t be easier to transport. The heaviest part weighs just 10kg, so it’s easy to life and the frame is tough and durable, while also being lightweight. 

Thanks to the lithium battery, the Alumina offers excellent levels of performance and a longer life cycle than many other boot scooters on the market and delivers an impressive 15-mile range that can be enhanced to 30 miles if you choose a larger battery upgrade. There’s ample legroom on the Alumina, making it ideal for taller users, as well as a larger-than-standard chair and padded seat for the utmost comfort when you’re traveling. 

The soft-grip handlebars make this comfortable to drive and there’s a maximum weight capacity of 18 stone, so it’s suitable for many users. The front storage basket is a convenient place to store your shopping or essentials when you’re on the go, and with a maximum gradient of six degrees, you’ll be able to traverse kerbs and slopes with ease. The Alumina has a modern look and is stylish yet simple, for the design that will suit every taste. 

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All Features

  • Lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Soft-grip handlebars
  • Larger than standard seat for extra comfort
  • Maximum weight – 115kg/18stMaximum speed – 6kmh/4mph
  • 15-mile range with standard battery 
  • Length – 90cm 
  • Width – 50cm 
  • Maximum gradient – 6 degrees 
  • Standard battery – 2 x 12v 19ah
  • Turning radius – 125cm
  • Vehicle class 2
  • Total weight – 33kg/73lb

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