Quingo Air 2

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  • Class 2; maximum speed of 4mph; a range of 10 miles
  • 5cm ground clearance; pneumatic tyres
  • Weighs 56kg; maximum occupant weight of 136kg
  • Adjustable tiller
  • Front storage basket
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The Quingo Air 2 is a portable Class 2 scooter that offers a great range of comfort features. It boasts a variety of safety features while also allowing you to dismantle it quickly and easily for transportation. The Air 2 provides a unique driving experience and is perfect for everyday use, weighing just 56kg but offering a weight carrying capacity of 136kg. The Quingo Air 2 is built on an innovative five-wheel design that provides ample stability and solves many of the problems that three-wheel designs encounter.

While many scooters might provide stability, often this also comes with restricted legroom which can be a problem for taller users. But with the Air 2, this isn’t a problem – there’s a larger footplate that’s adjustable for the perfect seating position as well as an ergonomic design for a comfortable ride. What’s more, the five-wheel design allows for a tighter turning circle for easy maneuverability.

The Quingo Air 2 has a unique tri-wheel steering system, as well as an anti-tipping and the anti-beaching mechanism that reduces the risk of the scooter falling. The steering controls make each movement deliberate so you can navigate more easily – there’s also shock absorbers to create a smoother ride, regardless of the terrain you’re travelling on. If you’re looking for a portable scooter that is ideal for everyday use while still delivering great features, the Air 2 is the ideal design.

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All Features 

  • Quintell 5-wheel system
  • Adaptive footplates
  • Automatic braking system
  • Maximum weight – 136kg/21st
  • Maximum speed – 6kmh/4mph
  • 10-mile range with a standard battery
  • Length – 107cm
  • Width – 56cm
  • Turning radius – 104cm
  • Standard battery – 2x 12v 15ah
  • Maximum gradient – 2o
  • Vehicle class 2
  • Total weight – 56kg/123lb

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