TGA Minimo

£2,349.00 no VAT
  •  Class 2; maximum speed 4mph; range of 10 miles
  •  6cm ground clearance; puncture-proof tyres
  •  Weighs 28kg; maximum occupant weight of 115kg
  •  Adjustable tiller and armrests
  •  Safety-sensor included
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12m Warranty
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Lightweight and transportable, the TGA Minimo is a great compact scooter that folds in one easy, singular movement for speed and efficiency. There are no parts which need to be dismantled or removed, so you can be on your way in seconds thanks to its streamlined design. The TGA Minimo can be collapsed with the use of a one-handed lever, for easy storage or to put it in the boot of a car for travel further afield. It boasts a lightweight frame that is durable yet easy to manoeuvre, for complete versatility.

Despite the lightweight frame, the Minimo is incredibly comfortable and supportive, with generous legroom and puncture-proof tyres to keep you safe when you’re on the go. The fingertip controls make it a practical option and an ideal model to have with you day to day. This compact scooter also offers impressive ground clearance of 6cm for navigating kerbs and bumps, as well as a 10-mile range on a single charge. The foldaway armrests and adjustable tiller are great for providing the level of support you need.

The TGA Minimo is easy to recharge thanks to its LED battery gauge, so you’ll always know when you need to top up the battery. And weighing just 6lbs, the battery itself is easy to remove and fit back in when it’s fully charged. From popping into town to taking your scooter with you on trips abroad, the Minimo is a great companion that will enable you to retain your independence more easily.

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All Features 

  •  Easy to transport
  •  Folds in a singular movement
  •  Safety sensor for navigating corners safely
  •  Maximum weight – 115kg/18st
  •  Maximum speed – 6kmh/4mph
  •  10-mile range with a standard battery
  •  Length – 95cm
  •  Width – 55cm
  •  Maximum gradient – 3 degrees
  •  Standard battery – 2 x 12v 11.5ah
  •  Motor – 24v 270w
  •  Vehicle class 2
  •  Total weight – 28kg/62lbs

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