TGA Zest

£995.00 no VAT
  • Class 2; maximum speed of 4mph; range of 8 miles
  • 8cm ground clearance; solid tyres
  • Weighs 50kg; maximum occupant weight of 134kg
  • Adjustable seat; all-round suspension
  • Front storage basket 
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The TGA Zest mobility scooter has it all – from enhanced comfort support to high leveled maneuverability, this is the ideal mobility aid for those wanting a modern scooter that’s simple to use. The main design feature of the TGA Zest is how easy it is to dismantle, designed to be taken apart in liftable sections that can be easily stored and transported. By dismantling into more manageable, light-weight pieces, the scooter is compact enough to store in smaller car boots and storage facilities, which is ideal for those with minimal space to spare. 

As well as practicality, comfort is at the core of the TGA Zest’s design, with its fully adjustable seat that has a padded exterior, you can be confident that your journey will be cosy and relaxed no matter where you’re travelling to. All-round suspension also adds to the comfort levels when riding, as do the scooter’s curved delta handlebars and lightweight thumb controls. A front storage basket provides further convenience when shopping or transporting personal items, making the TGA Zest an ideal accompaniment on any future trips you have planned, with its impressive range of 8 miles and a top speed of 4mph. 

The TGA Zest mobility scooter is available in a variety of different colors, so you can be sure to make it a part of your personality when travelling. The scooter is both modern and stylish in appearance, with a sleek and classy design and a headlight included as standard to guarantee excellent visibility.

We offer a great selection of mobility scooters to suit different requirements and budgets new and used. If you need advice on the right scooter for you or have any questions, feel free to contact Keep Moving Care via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, browse our selection of detailed guides for more information.

All Features 

  • Easily comes apart into liftable sections
  • Lightweight and modern design
  • All round suspension to provide both comfort and stability
  • Maximum weight – 134kg/21st
  • Maximum speed – 6kmh/4mph
  • 8-mile range with a standard battery
  • Length – 105cm
  • Width – 54cm
  • Maximum gradient – 7 degrees
  • Standard battery – 2 x 12v 12ah
  • Turning radius – 120cm
  • Vehicle class 2
  • Total weight – 50kg/110lb

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