Invacare Comet Pro (2017)

£1,345.00 £1,345.00 no VAT
  • Class 3; maximum speed of 8mph; a range of 34 miles
  • 10cm ground clearance; large pneumatic tyres
  • Weighs 136kg; maximum occupant weight of 160kg
  • Adjustable seat and tiller; all-round suspension
  • Front storage basket

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Fast yet safe, the Invacare Comet Pro provides an enjoyable and reliable ride. With an impressive range of 34 miles thanks to the high-powered 75ah batteries, the Comet Pro is sure to get you where you need to go in style and the utmost comfort. It has a soft swivel seat that allows you to find the perfect position for driving, as well as an adjustable tiller. The electronic speed reduction system keeps you safe at all times, automatically reducing the speed when you’re navigating bends for a comfortable maneuver.

The Comet Pro has large pneumatic tyres for a smooth and comfortable ride, as well as a fully adjustable suspension that allows you to traverse rougher terrain without any hassle. The dual-bulb headlight makes you clearly visible when you’re traveling in low light and there’s also a heavy-duty brake light to keep you safe. The LCD display makes it easy to see all the information you need access to when you’re on the go.

Invacare’s full range of accessories is also available, from seat post suspension and storage options to USB adaptor and mobile phone holder, for added convenience. The rubberized shroud protects the scooter, increasing the impact resistance and minimizing the chance of the scooter developing cracks or damage. Ergonomic and stylish, the Comet Pro has an eye-catching design but still offers all the stability and reliability you could want from a scooter.

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All Features 

  • Fully adjustable suspension and tiller
  • Unique lighting system
  • Electronic speed reduction system for safety
  • Maximum weight – 160kg/25st
  • Maximum speed – 12kmh/8mph
  • 34-mile range with a standard battery
  • Length – 145cm
  • Width – 68cm
  • Turning radius – 275cm
  • Standard battery – 2x 12v 75ah
  • Maximum gradient – 10o
  • Vehicle class 3
  • Total weight – 136kg/300lb

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