Pride Apex Sprint

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  • Class 2; maximum speed of 4mph; a range of 18 miles
  • 6cm ground clearance; pneumatic tyres
  • Weighs 94kg; maximum occupant weight of 159kg
  • Fully adjustable seat and tiller; All-round suspension
  • Front storage basket
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 If you’re keen on a more modern and sleek design, the Vita Sport is the perfect choice. With its glossy black metallic body and red detailing, it’s a striking scooter with details you won’t see elsewhere. There are also the pneumatic low-profile tyres with their aluminium wheels that give it a sportier aesthetic. Even the LED lights have been upgraded with dark smoked covers that give the Vita Sport true road presence.  What sets the Vita Sport apart from its Vita siblings are the electronics, which have been upgraded for enhanced performance. The Sport has a double wishbone suspension at the front and a mono-shock absorber in the back. It also boasts a robust rear wheel drive system which makes driving comfortable and uncomplicated.   With a contoured seat, you’ll find riding the Vita Sport incredibly comfortable. It has an adjustable seat and tiller, so you can find the perfect positioning for your needs. You’ll also benefit from great features like delta handlebars, twin rear-view mirrors, a high-level charge socket and automatic breaking that make this scooter easy to use. The controls of the Sport are at your fingertips too, with speed controls, and forward and reverse levers on each of the handlebars.  The Vita Sport strikes a great balance between style and function. The modern innovations of LED lights, liquid crystal digital display and useful trip computer make for clear visibility – there’s even a battery condition indicator so you know exactly how much charge you have remaining before you set off.  Take a look at our other products – Keep Moving Care offer a wide range of mobility scooters to suit different requirements. If you need advice or have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help. Alternatively, you can refer to one of our detailed guides for more information.  

Key Features

  • Sport version of Vita’s classic design
  • Long-life LED lights on front and rear with smoked lenses
  • Front and rear bumpers to protect the bodywork
  • Maximum weight – 159kg/25st
  • Maximum speed – 12kmh/8mph
  • 20-mile range with a standard battery
  • Length – 151cm
  • Width – 70cm
  • Height with seat and tiller folder – 119cm
  • Height with seat removed – 71cm
  • Maximum gradient – 17%
  • Turning radius – 128cm
  • Standard battery – 2x 12v 50ah
  • Heavy-duty battery – 2x 12v 75ah
  • Motor – 24v 700watt
  • Vehicle class 3
  • Total weight – 145kg/225lb


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