TGA Breeze S4 GT (2019)

£3,250.00 £3,250.00 no VAT
  • Class 3; maximum speed of 8mph; range of 20 miles
  • 15cm ground clearance; pneumatic tyres
  • Weighs 148kg; maximum occupant weight of 196kg
  • Adjustable seat and tiller; all-round suspension
  • Front storage basket
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6mo Warranty
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The enhanced TGA Breeze S4 GT is an upgrade from the brilliance of other TGA Breeze models but with several great new features. This model has a sleek look with modern features and a contemporary design. The S4 GT is a robust scooter that has been designed to last – it still delivers the same great optimal experience for urban environments but with a host of innovative changes that will ensure you have a great driving experience every time. 

This scooter has great ground clearance and is perfect for rougher terrain, thanks to the fully active suspension and stable steering controls. With easy to use controls and comfortable seating, you can enjoy a smooth and comfy ride. The alloy wheels and large pneumatic tyres ensure that you won’t feel bumps from the road when you’re travelling.

The S4 GT can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge, with is plenty for visiting friends, travelling to local shops for picking up groceries or running errands. The sleek look of the S4 means you will be travelling in style whenever you use this scooter and the robust design ensures you will be able to continue using this model for many years to come. This scooter has been designed to thrive in an urban setting and it’s perfect for road travel, with an impressive gradient level and turning radius to ensure you can take corners or traverse kerbs with ease.

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All Features 

  • Fully active suspension with true shock absorbers
  • Dynamic, stable steering
  • Simple, convenient control system
  • Maximum weight – 196kg/31st
  • Maximum speed – 12kmh/8mph
  • 20-mile range with a standard battery
  • Length – 163cm
  • Width – 68cm
  • Maximum gradient – 21o
  • Turning radius – 174cm
  • Standard battery – 2x 12v 50ah
  • Vehicle class 3
  • Total weight – 148kg/326lb

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