Walking Aids

Over time, it can affect your confidence if you find maintaining your balance difficult. It can even stop you wanting to get out and about as much as you used to if you’re unsteady on your feet. There are various walking aids you can rely on, however, to offer support when you’re walking. From walking canes, walking sticks to frames and 2-in-1 rollators, there are different options to invest in depending on your needs.  

Walking aids have come a long way and there are now far more options than just classic walking sticks. There are options to suit a whole spectrum of mobility, whether you’re looking for light support now and again or you want something more robust for everyday use. 

Rollators are the most secure of walking aids, providing plenty of stability through four rolling wheels so you have more points of contact with the ground. This means that they can support more weight than other aids, including tri-walkers which only offer three points of contact. Rollators come in a variety of styles, from standard wheeled frames to lightweight options, rollators with seats and heavy-duty rollators for consistent use. 

Rollators are ideal for busier places like shops or high streets where you want the option of turning confidently while also feeling supported. Similarly, tri-walkers are lightweight frames that have three rolling wheels for manoeuvrability and an ergonomic design. Many rollators and tri-walkers also feature seats and under-seat storage which is convenient.  

Walking frames are a basic version of rollators or tri-walkers, but they’re incredibly useful and for people who want something traditional, they are a great option. Walking frames can feature wheels while other models have rubber ferrules which offer plenty of grip to prevent slipping. Whatever you’re looking for from a walking aid and whatever your budget, we have a solution to help you.