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Why Power Chairs?

Electric wheelchairs are the perfect mobility aid for both indoor and outdoor use – they’re versatile as a result of being more compact than most mobility scooters, as well as being easy to dismantle. With these wheelchairs, you can get around with ease without the hassle or exhaustion of having to move the chair yourself. Electric wheelchairs, or powerchairs, combine luxury with power and are a great way of getting around comfortably and safely. Powerchairs function in the same way as a regular wheelchair but they offer far more convenience, taking the strain and effort out of propelling yourself forward or needing others to push the chair.

Electric wheelchairs can be broken down into lightweight parts for transporting if you’re going on longer trips or abroad, and they can be lifted easily for storing. Another benefit of electric wheelchairs is that they offer much tighter turning circles and are easy to manoeuvre, so they’re perfect for running errands in tighter spaces like supermarkets or busy high streets where navigating in a regular wheelchair can be difficult.

Electric wheelchairs are designed to cover distances and terrains too tiring or challenging in a conventional wheelchair, so they offer more hard-wearing tyres and padded seats to ensure a comfortable experience. Many models of powered wheelchair are fitted with suspension, padded captain’s seats and make easy work of rougher grounds.

Wheelchair users can transform their experience by switching to a powered wheelchair and for many people, electric wheelchairs are the key to maintaining their independence. Powerchairs minimise the risk of people with mobility problems from feeling isolated and with such a wide variety of electric wheelchairs to choose from, there is a model to suit your specific needs. We have a great selection of high-quality electric wheelchairs that will enhance your day to day living.