Self Propelled Wheelchairs

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Self Propelled Wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs differ from transit or travel wheelchairs, as the user operates them rather than a carer or an attendant, to enable greater independence when you’re out and about. They’re a great solution for those with limited mobility to allow them to carry out errands or travel from day to day. By allowing you to manoeuvre yourself with your arms or legs, without the need for assistance, self-propelled wheelchairs are perfect for people who want to maintain their independence and freedom.  

These types of wheelchair have larger rear wheels with hand rims fitted to the outside, so you can gain leverage and move the chair forwards or backwards. They’re a good fit for people with ample upper body strength and stamina, as they require the strength and endurance to continue moving yourself around throughout the day. Self-propelled wheelchairs are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable experience and those with push handles can be helpful if you need to navigate kerbs or bumps. 

If you’re someone who regularly travels outdoors and you need a wheelchair that can cope with the rougher terrain, then you’ll love the added suspension that self-propelled wheelchairs provide. This lessens the bumps on outdoor surfaces so you can enjoy a smoother experience. Many self-propelled models also boast hard-wearing tyres that can deliver the additional grip and durability needed for outdoor journeys. 

Self-propelled wheelchairs are typically fitted with additional features such as footplates, front castors and half-folding backrests, all of which can be removed or compacted to make for easy storage or transportation. Affordable, expertly designed for comfort and functionality, and a great choice if you want to be able to manoeuvre yourself without the need of anyone else, self-propelled wheelchairs are the perfect option for people with restricted mobility who don’t want the additional expense or weight of an electric wheelchair.