Bath Steps

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Bath steps

Bath steps are the perfect complement to your bathing routine, making the height of the side of the bath easier to navigate for elderly and disabled people. This makes getting in and out of the bath much easier and safer if you find this a challenge, whether it’s due to mobility limitations or an injury. Bath steps are portable and lightweight, making them easy to move in and out of the bathroom, while still providing a safe platform to take your body weight. 

What are bath steps?

A bathroom step is a small step that is made from durable plastic to provide you with an elevated surface to step onto so you can get in and out of the bathtub more easily and safely. They’re designed to take your full body weight so you can step onto them with ease.

Bath steps reduce the distance between the floor and the bath which makes it easier to navigate for those with limited mobility or stiff joints. They are specifically designed to assist elderly people, those with a disability, or people recovering from an injury who have difficulty moving.

A range of styles

Bath steps come in a range of models and styles, helping you find the right option for your needs and your bathroom. There are also options to suit all budgets, including low-cost, affordable solutions that will make your bath easier to navigate. Bath steps come in non-slip varieties as well with a hand rail for added support, as well as being made from a host of materials, from plastic to steel.

Others are adjustable or stackable which ensure you can find the right height for your needs. A modular bath step is ideal if you want control over the height of the steps. This versatile bathing aid is sturdy and is designed to make bathing an easier and safer experience for all who struggle.

What are the benefits of a step stool?

A bath step or step stool provides many benefits for people who find it difficult to climb over the side of the bath. You may require a step with a handle if you also struggle with your balance, and there are bath steps to accommodate this need. Most bath steps have non-slip feet which provide stability and extra safety too.

Anyone who has difficulty with strength, flexibility, or mobility may find this particular type of bathing aid useful. One of the key benefits of a step stool is that it helps you maintain your independence and confidence, enabling you to use the bathroom independently without needing assistance. 

The differences between bath steps

There are several styles of bath steps you can choose from, depending on how much support and assistance you need getting in and out of the bath. Bath steps with a handrail provide extra support so you have something to hold on to as you step in and out, and it can also be a place to store your towel while you’re in the tub too. 

An adjustable step provides heigh adjustment – they are made up of multiple layers of steps that can be stacked together to create the perfect height for your needs. There are also steps made from different materials, such as an aluminium bath step which provides durability, or plastic steps which have non slip rubber feet for stability while still being lightweight. 

What to look for when choosing bath steps

Hand rails– if you want handheld support with your steps, look for steps with an in-built hand rail which can help you move more confidently and securely when you’re using the bath, as well as helping you if you have difficulty bending down and want to move the step. 

Adjustability– You may not be the only person using the steps, so adjustability can be helpful if this is the case in your home. With an adjustable bath step, sometimes referred to as a modular bath step, you can set the steps to your desired height easily to bath easier day to day. 

Size and weight– Everyone has different amounts of available space in their bathroom, so it’s important that you consider the size of the bath step you need. Measure the width, depth, and height to make sure it will fit in your bathroom.

Material – If you want to move the steps yourself, you should also check that the weight is comfortable for you to lift. Plastic is a lighter material than aluminum, so this can be a great choice if you need steps that are designed to be lightweight. These steps often have slip-resistant rubber feet for safety and support for the user, regardless of the surface, they’re being placed on.

Are bath steps exempt from VAT?

Certain mobility aids are eligible for VAT relief but it depends on the product. Contact the team at Keep Moving Care to determine if the product you want to purchase is eligible for you to claim VAT relief.

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